Swap meet Tumba and a day in the sun.

Suzuki GS450 TumbaYesterday I got up bright and early (I had to work late on Saturday so there was no beer for me) and went to a small but good swap meet in Tumba outside of Stockholm. I almost froze my fingers of on the way there at 08:30 but it got warmer before I went back. In the picture you can see my bargains tied to the GS450 I’m going to modify. I got home with two gas tanks and some handle bars, hopefully at least one of the items will fit something I’m building.
After I dropped the stuff off in the garage I was supposed to work but the day was way to nice to waste on working so me and Casper met up with some of the other guys at a coffee shop in Stockholm and went on a ride out to Plebs Choppers in Hässelby. Got a bit jealous of their club house, I wish we could have that kind of space. A couple of the guys went home after that but the rest of us went down to Calexico’s Restaurant in Hornstull to try out some of their Mexican food. Great stuff! Below is a picture of the bikes that were with us out to Hässelby, it’s quite a mix of styles 🙂
DSC_0857More days like these are most welcome!


Swap meet in Stallarholmen

StallarholmenLast Saturday Me, Smeden, Elias and Casper went to a Swap Meet in Stallarholmen outside of Strängnäs. The weather was great and we found some nice parts for current and future projects. Here I have just bought the first finds for the day (I ended up getting four handlebars, one gas tank and one fender in total). The picture is taken by Janne Jakobsson, please visit his blog over at http://www.garagekultur.se/ (it’s in Swedish but there’s always Google translate for you foreign people).
Hopefully I will have some time to get out on the roads soon but today is a great sunny day and I sadly have to work 🙁


New arrival: 1981 Suzuki GS450

D_0845Long time no write or something.
But spring is almost upon us (technically it’s just arrived but I think it’s still a bit cold at around 0 degrees Celsius).
And because of that the bike riding nerve is starting to itch! So I had a look at some ads for used bikes and found this “beauty”. Me and Smeden went to Grödinge and had a look at it and I was already kind of set on buying it but I didn’t know if it would start or run at all because it had been standing in this guys garage since 2007 and he didn’t know much about the condition of the bike. All we knew was that the battery was drained and the tank was dry so Smeden brought a battery from his Yamaha and we filled a jerrycan with gasoline. When we got there I just closed the deal and the guy was kind enough to let us use his garage while we installed the battery and filled the gas tank (as I mentioned it’s kind of cold outside). We were all a bit surprised but happy when there didn’t seem to be any electrical issues and the starter turned the engine over so we pushed the old Suzuki outside and tried to start it properly. After a few minutes of running the starter the battery was drained but we were still hopeful since the engine at least fired up a few times but didn’t have the spark to really start. We were at the top of a driveway so we decided to just try and push the thing and see if that would work better, and guess what! It did! The Suzuki coughed and hissed a few times and was really not in the mood to run but after warming up a bit it spun like a kitten 🙂
So instead of trying to cram it in to my old Volvo Duett I got to drive it home, which was the first time on a bike since I drove my T250 to the garage in the snow. Fun stuff!
DSC_0846Me and Smeden got itchy fingers at once when we got indoors again and wanted to see what the thing looked like without the windscreen and the box in the back so we spent half an hour removing stuff. Now it kind of looks like a bike again 🙂
Soon it will be modified to suit my needs and whims for this season so stay tuned to see what it turns out to be in the end. For being just a 1981 Suzuki GS450 it really has great torque and power, I was actually surprised that it was that powerful. It’s going to be a sweet ride for this summer! And it was a real bargain too, it only set me back SEK 5.000 (that’s about $750 for you American people). In Sweden that’s a steal, you can hardly get a bike for anything lower than that (especially not one that runs).

Until next time -=/Anders

Updates on the Suzuki T250

So, since my Suzuki T250 1972 was waaayyy too loud I had to fabricate some silencers for the bastard. I looked high and low on the internets but found nothing that was of any use in terms of drawings and such. So I had to just do something from the top of my head instead, I winged it from start to finish so I haven’t got a clue as to if it’s correct or not. I started out with some sheet metal (as always) and bent it around a pipe (our fancy sheet metal roller that was used for fabricating the expansion chambers as well). Some ends and flanges were cut from the same sheet and the pieces are on the table in the picture above.
Here the silencers are mostly done and on the floor in front of the bike, they are nothing fancy but considering they were practically free (the fiberglass filling was the only thing that cost me anything and it was only 135 Swedish Kronor, that’s about 20 bucks or something) and were really easy to make I’m quite pleased with the result. Hopefully they don’t take too much of the effect out of the expansion chambers.

I mounted the exhaust pipes with the new silencers on the bike and also fitted the tail light, now I just have to connect the wiring to the light and mount the brake switch for the brake light. There’s not that much left to be done on the bike as it is now, secure the seat a little better, mount the license plate, connect the license plate light and fix a leak in the fuel tap and it should be almost finished for now (if everything works ok it’s going to get a real paint job and other small cosmetic upgrades).
YouTube Preview Image
Of course I had to start the bike and see if the new silencers actually took the noise down. THEY DID! I’m amazed at how effective they actually are, my ears didn’t even hurt after starting the bike in the garage! Since I didn’t have any plans or measurements to go by I have to say that I’m really happy with the result.

Until next time -=/Anders

Wheels Nat’s 2012 at Hågelbyparken

Today we went to Wheels Nat’s at Hågelbyparken near Hallunda south of Stockholm. It would seem that a few other people had the same idea, we had to sit in traffic for over an hour just to get to the parking lot from the freeway. There’s not much to say about the day other than it was very hot and only about ten bikes to look at.
But here’s a few pictures I snapped anyway.
I love this car! It’s an Austin Seven and it’s tiny 🙂
Casper and Smeden like to hug each other a little bit too long.
The coolest bike at Wheels Nat’s, an old Husqvarna twin. Beautiful!
John Mathisen’s beautiful Harley, garage built awesomeness!
The same Harley, the boys are discussing how Casper burned his hand on his Triumph engine.
Smeden And Casper are looking at womens clothing?

There weren’t that many cars that I really liked but if you’re in to old yankee doodle then there was a lot of original cars at the meet. This paint job was incredible though, glistering in the sun and deep as the ocean.

Over and out -=/Anders