YouTube and 2stroke fumes

Since I am home sick and can’t go to the garage today either I have uploaded two videos of the T250 to YouTube. They were shot on the 22nd of June 2011. I really need to get well now so I can fix the rest on the bike, spring is almost here and I just want to get riding again!

The first one is after I cleaned the contact points and adjusted them, and of course cleaned the spark plugs (didn’t have any new ones at the time). This is maybe five kicks and a few squirts of starting fluid later.
YouTube Preview Image

The second one is maybe ten minutes later, I just couldn’t help myself! I had to take it for a spin. A couple of days later I took it down to the vehicle inspection and it passed! Not too bad for a $150 yard find, is it?

YouTube Preview Image

Big thanks to Baron Von Evil for the excellent cinematography!

Oh, and I almost forgot… In the progress of uploading these videos I also got the Piston Cult YouTube Channel up and running, we will be posting more videos there shortly. is the address.


Needles and pins

I am going to continue with the story of my T250 some other day but I just had to write something about the fact that I received some Piston Cult pins in the mail last Friday. Having been at home sick since Saturday (with a fever of around 39-40 degrees Celsius) I just had to do something. Also I’m wearing a 24- hour blood pressure meter so going to the garage doesn’t seem that wise right now. Here’s a crappy picture of the new pins anyway…


First post, testing the new blog.

So, it’s finally time to start testing the Piston Cult blog. I don’t know if everything works yet so bare with us, I will try to eradicate the bugs as we go along.

In this first post I will start the story of the Suzuki T250 I bought on the 20th of June last summer (2011). The seller asked only 1.000 SEK for the bike and of course I couldn’t resist that offer (1.000 SEK is about $150 US).

This is the image from the ad:
Suzuki T250 ad