Just one of those nights in the garage

en vanlig kväll i garaget 020Just one of those nights in the Piston Cult garage. Anders and I working on my tank and Casper searching for electrical fault on his Triumph.

en vanlig kväll i garaget 027

                                         More electrical stuff, Sheriffen helping Pata, with his rusty sportster.

en vanlig kväll i garaget 022

                                            And finally Elias welding an old Husky tank so the tunnel fits his Yamma

Just a fun night in our garage 🙂


New arrival: Caspers XS650

xs650 077Last saturday I went with Casper down to Norrköping to meet up with Erik from Kapten Mogade. Casper bought his cool looking Yamaha XS650. With 23″ front tire, poor mans hardtail and cool paintjob 🙂 The bike in the back is Eriks HD shovel.

xs650 079Here is a better pic of Erik´s shovel with suicide clutch and all. Since we talked alot about armadillos and badgers  with Erik he gave us each a pair of cool  Kapten Mogade goat skin gloves. They are real good ones, check out Kapten Mogade at http://www.kaptenmogade.com/

/ Smeden

New arrival to Chop

Here’s  My Yamaha SR400 from 1982, it’s a nice bike but it ain’t our style to keep ’em untouched. This will be a cheap build, or I will try to make it a cheap build. But let’s start with the Piston Cult mantra: Chop Shit Up!

Away with all the unnecessary crap 😉 Away with the long shocks. More updates will come when I got new tires so I can finish the frame and mounts for the rear fender.


/ Smeden

Jens’s Savage

The first bike this spring is ready for the road and it’s Jens Blomhage’s Suzuki Savage.

Here’s the first pic of the monster 😛 There are some changes to it, the belt drive is gone and it looks so much cooler with chain and sprockets. The tank is rebuilt, rear wheel changed from 15″ to 18″. Frame chopped and a lot more.


And a pic from the other side. It’s the bike that has been in our garage the shortest, about 8 weeks more or less. Jensa works fast, not like me and my old BSA 😛




And last a stock Suzuki Savage so U can have a look for yourself and see just how much is done to the bike above.

/ Smeden