Mods VS. Rockers 2011

Finally I got around to sort the photos I took during the 3rd of September 2011 when Mods VS. Rockers was held in Stockholm, Sweden. It was a really nice day with lots of cool bikes, scooters and awesome people. The two “sides” met on two different locations in Stockholm in the morning and met up on opposite sides of the bridge S:t Eriksbron. A bit of heckling and shouting profanities went on for a while, then Mods and Rockers passed each other and obscene hand signs commenced. The two sides drove around the block and met up a few minutes later and cruised through the town of Stockholm together out to Vinterviken where a tug of war was held (oddly enough the Mods won!).
Everyone got a chance to walk around and have a look at all the great bikes and scooters and sit down for a coffee before we all drove in to town and Nytorget, after that some people went on ride-outs and others went home to get ready for the party later that evening.
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Mods VS. Rockers Stockholm 2011 Photo Album

Have to get the bike ready soon, the spring is here and I want to ride!