Mods VS. Rockers 2011

Finally I got around to sort the photos I took during the 3rd of September 2011 when Mods VS. Rockers was held in Stockholm, Sweden. It was a really nice day with lots of cool bikes, scooters and awesome people. The two “sides” met on two different locations in Stockholm in the morning and met up on opposite sides of the bridge S:t Eriksbron. A bit of heckling and shouting profanities went on for a while, then Mods and Rockers passed each other and obscene hand signs commenced. The two sides drove around the block and met up a few minutes later and cruised through the town of Stockholm together out to Vinterviken where a tug of war was held (oddly enough the Mods won!).
Everyone got a chance to walk around and have a look at all the great bikes and scooters and sit down for a coffee before we all drove in to town and Nytorget, after that some people went on ride-outs and others went home to get ready for the party later that evening.
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Mods VS. Rockers Stockholm 2011 Photo Album

Have to get the bike ready soon, the spring is here and I want to ride!


Tires and video

Since I haven’t been able to go to the garage today I have been surfing the net for some inspiration and just to see what’s on blogs everywhere.

I also slipped and ordered tires for the T250, I really can’t afford them right now but hopefully I can get a loan during the next week and my finances will be a little more above the surface than they are at the moment. You see the tires here and they are called Michelin T63, I ordered the same size for both rear and front (110/80-18), mainly because they didn’t have any narrower versions for the front in 18″. Hopefully it won’t look stupid once they are on the bike.

To end this ranting I would like to share this video showing the guys from Blitz Motorcycles in France and some other guys having a really nice European road trip, can’t wait enough for the summer! Have a look at their blog “riding september” at


T250 at Mods vs. Rockers

On the morning of the 3rd of September 2011 I rushed to the garage and mounted some new handle bars from an old Husqvarna motocross to make it look more “tracker”. This morning was kind of special because it was Mods vs. Rockers in Stockholm.
M vs R is a meet where a lot of Cafe Racers (Rockers) and a lot of Scooters (Mods) face off on each side of a bridge and then pass each other screaming brutish heckles and showing various offensive hand signs. Both groups take a turn around the block and then everyone magically become best friends and cruise around Stockholm in a frenzy of fumes, noise and happiness. I wish I had more pictures right now but I guess I will have to post them another time when I have that backup available (there were a lot of really cool bikes and scooters out that day.)


T250 Sportster

The next incarnation of the T250 was the fitting of a Sportster gas tank. I got that tank from a fellow Piston Cultist, Smeden. At this point the only costs on the bike have been buying it ($150), oil and gas. There were a lot of plans and some of them got realized, but more on that in the next post.


Stripping the T250

The first thing I did with the Suzuki T250 was to strip all the stuff I didn’t want, my plan was to build a sort of a hybrid board tracker / cafe racer. I removed fenders and turn signals, and I moved the license plate to the side. Also, I changed the handle bars and installed an old break light from an Opel Record ca. 1955.
This is what it looked like  (the pictures were taken on the 30th of July 2011):

I drove the bike like this for a while before I changed some stuff.

More to come in the next post…


-=/Anders (still testing the blog features, therefore the layout…)