T250 at Mods vs. Rockers

On the morning of the 3rd of September 2011 I rushed to the garage and mounted some new handle bars from an old Husqvarna motocross to make it look more “tracker”. This morning was kind of special because it was Mods vs. Rockers in Stockholm.
M vs R is a meet where a lot of Cafe Racers (Rockers) and a lot of Scooters (Mods) face off on each side of a bridge and then pass each other screaming brutish heckles and showing various offensive hand signs. Both groups take a turn around the block and then everyone magically become best friends and cruise around Stockholm in a frenzy of fumes, noise and happiness. I wish I had more pictures right now but I guess I will have to post them another time when I have that backup available (there were a lot of really cool bikes and scooters out that day.)