New arrival: Caspers XS650

xs650 077Last saturday I went with Casper down to Norrköping to meet up with Erik from Kapten Mogade. Casper bought his cool looking Yamaha XS650. With 23″ front tire, poor mans hardtail and cool paintjob 🙂 The bike in the back is Eriks HD shovel.

xs650 079Here is a better pic of Erik´s shovel with suicide clutch and all. Since we talked alot about armadillos and badgers  with Erik he gave us each a pair of cool  Kapten Mogade goat skin gloves. They are real good ones, check out Kapten Mogade at

/ Smeden

Needles and pins

I am going to continue with the story of my T250 some other day but I just had to write something about the fact that I received some Piston Cult pins in the mail last Friday. Having been at home sick since Saturday (with a fever of around 39-40 degrees Celsius) I just had to do something. Also I’m wearing a 24- hour blood pressure meter so going to the garage doesn’t seem that wise right now. Here’s a crappy picture of the new pins anyway…