Junk or treasure?

DCIM100GOPROI look at a lot of sites like eBay and Tradera for used motorcycle parts and other crap that I don’t need. So finally it caught up with me and i “accidentally” won an auction with approximately 1.200kg of used motorcycle parts. They had to be collected outside of Örebro as soon as possible so I rented a van and me and Smeden took a road trip (Örebro is about a two and half hour drive or something).
Junk trip 2Here we have loaded some of the stuff into the van and there’s still more stuff being put in there. Almost all of the parts were neatly labeled with what bike it came of and what year the bike was made, that’s going to save us a lot of hassle when we go through all the goodies. There’s all kinds of things in the boxes. Handle bars, foot pegs, headlights, gauges, carbs, turn signals, hand controls, and much much more.
DCIM100GOPROAfter loading all of it into the van we got kind of hungry so we made a pit stop in Örebro at “the Hut” before driving back to our garage and unloading the treasure trove.
I have no idea about what we are supposed to do with all the stuff but some of it will probably be sold at swap meets or something.