Updates on the Suzuki T250

So, since my Suzuki T250 1972 was waaayyy too loud I had to fabricate some silencers for the bastard. I looked high and low on the internets but found nothing that was of any use in terms of drawings and such. So I had to just do something from the top of my head instead, I winged it from start to finish so I haven’t got a clue as to if it’s correct or not. I started out with some sheet metal (as always) and bent it around a pipe (our fancy sheet metal roller that was used for fabricating the expansion chambers as well). Some ends and flanges were cut from the same sheet and the pieces are on the table in the picture above.
Here the silencers are mostly done and on the floor in front of the bike, they are nothing fancy but considering they were practically free (the fiberglass filling was the only thing that cost me anything and it was only 135 Swedish Kronor, that’s about 20 bucks or something) and were really easy to make I’m quite pleased with the result. Hopefully they don’t take too much of the effect out of the expansion chambers.

I mounted the exhaust pipes with the new silencers on the bike and also fitted the tail light, now I just have to connect the wiring to the light and mount the brake switch for the brake light. There’s not that much left to be done on the bike as it is now, secure the seat a little better, mount the license plate, connect the license plate light and fix a leak in the fuel tap and it should be almost finished for now (if everything works ok it’s going to get a real paint job and other small cosmetic upgrades).
YouTube Preview Image
Of course I had to start the bike and see if the new silencers actually took the noise down. THEY DID! I’m amazed at how effective they actually are, my ears didn’t even hurt after starting the bike in the garage! Since I didn’t have any plans or measurements to go by I have to say that I’m really happy with the result.

Until next time -=/Anders

Suzuki T250 1972 first start after rebuild.

This is not going to be a long and winding post. I just wanted to share a little video that Smeden filmed when I started the Suzuki for the first time with the new expansion chambers, of course I had to take it out for a short spin when I got it running.
YouTube Preview Image
As you can surely hear it’s extremely loud! Even with the helmet on and sitting on the bike my ears hurt, I really have to get some silencers for this thing before I damage my hearing. Something has to be built, and soon.


A day in the garage and some minor T250 updates

It’s been a while since I posted anything here so I figured it was about time to upload some images and write a few words. I haven’t had the time or energy to work in the garage in a while so the progress on the T250 has been slow but now a few things have been done.
I have coated the exhausts with heat resistant black paint to keep the rust from eating them up. I had to hammer out a small “tail” on the rear fender to keep it from getting stuck in the tire if the shocks bottom out, there was also need of some grinding on the front fender to give it some clearance from the front tire. The tanks and the rear of the bike have been base coated and sprayed with a filler, hopefully I will be able to do the final sanding and get some new base coat on them the next time I am in the garage. Almost all the wiring is done except the light switch and I sure hope I got it all right. The seat is almost finished with just some small tweaks and some more glue to be applied.

It was a rather pleasant day in the Piston Cult Garage and fellow cultists Tim, Casper and Elias were also there. Tim was polishing the brains out of his Honda CB500 engine, he even cleaned the underneath the engine with a toothbrush!



Casper was mounting the cylinder head on his Triumph and it sure wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. But after a lot of if and buts I think we managed to get it all mounted the right way.





Elias did some tube bending to fabricate a new passenger seat for his Harley.


Well I guess that’s all for now, I will try to post stuff more often from now on and there will also be some new contributors to this blog pretty soon.


Fabricating T250 exhausts

I decided right from the start that I wanted to make my own exhausts for the T250 and after a little bit of research on the “internets” I found some old Service Bulletins from Suzuki to their racing teams back in the seventies. In the bulletins there is information about making exhausts as well as porting and what oils and spark plugs to use when racing. So based on the info in the bulletins and the picture enclosed I set out to fabricate my own exhausts (this is a low budget build after all). I calculated the cones and printed out paper stencils to trace on the sheet metal, then I used a nibbler to  cut the metal to size. Since we don’t have a lot of fancy tools in the garage I just simple bent the pieces of sheet metal around a steel pipe to get the cones and tubes needed for the exhausts. It sometimes helps that I once upon a time worked as a workshop mechanic 😉 I would really like to get some real tools but for now we have to use what’s lying around. Anyway, this picture shows the pieces of sheet metal before and after bending them around the pipe. After bending the metal the pieces were spot welded into pipes and cones before fitting the exhaust parts to the actual bike. I also had to turn the first cone into a bend which took some cutting and fitting before the bend was just right. I really enjoy working with sheet metal, it’s fast and if something goes wrong it’s really easy to fix with a little bit of welding and a hammer.