Tires on the T250

In the last post on the progress of my T250 build I mentioned that I had to make the gas tank from the Zündapp ZD40 a bit wider and here it is in primer and on the bike. The tank had to be widened about 6 cm (a little bit more than 2 inches), or it actually didn’t have to but I wanted it that way. The oil tank is a gas tank from a Husqvarna Novolette moped and cost me 75 kronor (something like $11), it has a compartment in the middle which houses the battery. Since the oil tank also was a bit small and my battery wouldn’t fit I had to make that tank wider as well. It was widened about 2 inches, just like the gas tank.

As you can see the new tires are mounted (I was a bit worried before I mounted them but I think they turned out great) and I have also cut the front fender into something a little bit more appealing. The handle bars are not the ones I am going to use and the electrical wiring obviously needs a bit of work. The brand new rear shocks are meant for a Crescent Compact moped and set me back about 400 kronor (the only brand new items on the bike, about $60 worth).
These pictures were taken on the 23rd of march 2012 so now we are getting really close to where the build is today.


Evolving T250

The next step in the evolution of my T250 was getting a new seat (well, not really new but new for me). It’s from a DBS Panther moped, but it’s cut about 15 centimeters shorter in the front. This seat set me back a whopping 100 SEK ($12 or something like that). I also replaced the oil tank with a “snuskburk”, the nasty food container used in the Swedish military.

The picture was taken on the 14th of November 2011 in the Piston Cult Garage in Stockholm. The rear frame ends were later cut a lot shorter. I don’t know if you notice but the rear shocks are moved forward and down a bit in the upper mounts (the mounts were turned upside down and right side to left side to get a more aggressive look, and to be able to cut the rear even shorter).

I might as well include the next step of the build in the same post, it’s all ancient history anyway. This is from the 30th of December 2011.

Here’s the “new” gas tank from a Zündapp ZD40 moped that set me back about as much as the seat (or actually a little less). The only problem with this gas tank is that it was really narrow and small so I had to make it a bit wider, but more on that in a later post. The “snuskburk” food container is on the floor in front of the bike (I decided not to use that one for this build). We are soon getting to where the build is today (it’s actually almost done!). The strange thing is that I was only planning to give the T250 a little facelift but in the end the whole thing was in pieces before I was satisfied.


Tires and video

Since I haven’t been able to go to the garage today I have been surfing the net for some inspiration and just to see what’s on blogs everywhere.

I also slipped and ordered tires for the T250, I really can’t afford them right now but hopefully I can get a loan during the next week and my finances will be a little more above the surface than they are at the moment. You see the tires here and they are called Michelin T63, I ordered the same size for both rear and front (110/80-18), mainly because they didn’t have any narrower versions for the front in 18″. Hopefully it won’t look stupid once they are on the bike.

To end this ranting I would like to share this video showing the guys from Blitz Motorcycles in France and some other guys having a really nice European road trip, can’t wait enough for the summer! Have a look at their blog “riding september” at


T250 at Mods vs. Rockers

On the morning of the 3rd of September 2011 I rushed to the garage and mounted some new handle bars from an old Husqvarna motocross to make it look more “tracker”. This morning was kind of special because it was Mods vs. Rockers in Stockholm.
M vs R is a meet where a lot of Cafe Racers (Rockers) and a lot of Scooters (Mods) face off on each side of a bridge and then pass each other screaming brutish heckles and showing various offensive hand signs. Both groups take a turn around the block and then everyone magically become best friends and cruise around Stockholm in a frenzy of fumes, noise and happiness. I wish I had more pictures right now but I guess I will have to post them another time when I have that backup available (there were a lot of really cool bikes and scooters out that day.)


T250 Sportster

The next incarnation of the T250 was the fitting of a Sportster gas tank. I got that tank from a fellow Piston Cultist, Smeden. At this point the only costs on the bike have been buying it ($150), oil and gas. There were a lot of plans and some of them got realized, but more on that in the next post.