Tires and video

Since I haven’t been able to go to the garage today I have been surfing the net for some inspiration and just to see what’s on blogs everywhere.

I also slipped and ordered tires for the T250, I really can’t afford them right now but hopefully I can get a loan during the next week and my finances will be a little more above the surface than they are at the moment. You see the tires here and they are called Michelin T63, I ordered the same size for both rear and front (110/80-18), mainly because they didn’t have any narrower versions for the front in 18″. Hopefully it won’t look stupid once they are on the bike.

To end this ranting I would like to share this video showing the guys from Blitz Motorcycles in France and some other guys having a really nice European road trip, can’t wait enough for the summer! Have a look at their blog “riding september” at