New exhaust and new shocks.

gs450 mufflerTo get ready for the weekend I had to fabricate a muffler for the GS450. I don’t think my neighbors were very happy with me driving around with straight exhausts. At the same time I constructed a simple two to one collector for the exhaust, I have no clue if it will give more or less effect but I like how it looks 🙂
GS450 exhaustGS450 HandleI also got some help in finding a suitable clutch and throttle wire for the taller handle bars. The brake line costs me a tenth of the bike so I guess that was a bit pricy but I was in a hurry so I couldn’t be picky. The exhaust, muffler and changing of the handle bars was done in one day and now that I have ridden it for a few days I’m getting used to the different way of sitting. The bike also got a bit lower because of the new rear shocks, they’re about two inches shorter than stock. I already broke a tail light when the rear wheel ripped it off so the current light is just temporary.

Today I got a hold of a gas tank that from what I was told was from a NV20 1925 and of course I had to do a mock up and hang it beside the bike. I like how it looks (I edited the image in my phone a bit to get rid of the lines from the stock tank).
PicsArt_1369848208516_201305292006181052053666114Hopefully I will have the time to mount the tank pretty soon -=/Anders









The one day chop.

DSC_0023Yesterday I managed to lean a bit too far in a corner and put the GS down on the ground, I’m blaming the brand spanking new tires (and the new size of the rims, the original ones were 18″ front and rear and these are 19″ front and 16″ rear) that are a bit slippery until rode in 😉
As a result I decided to cut the bike to pieces and kong the frame (don’t get on my bad side!). Before the chop it all looked like this (if you look closely you can see that the mirror is broken and there are some scrapes on the engine and the clutch lever due to my small incident).
DSC_0028Since I was alone in the garage in the morning I got right down to cutting the frame up where I wanted to kong it, it’s fun seeing an idea take shape when you’re holding an angle grinder! I didn’t have enough quality tubing to build a completely new rear frame so I had to reuse the existing tubes after cleaning the pieces up and bending them the way I wanted (in that sense it’s good that the GS is really long).
GS450 Chop 3Everybody told me that a chop couldn’t be done in a day but with this bike my goal is to be able to ride it to the garage, build some stuff and then ride it home so I kind of had to get the fabricating and welding done all at once. Maybe it’s a silly idea to have but I just don’t want the bike to sit in the garage the whole summer just because I don’t have the time to finish it.
Gs450 Chop 4This is what the bike looked like when i rode it home at around 21:00, hopefully I have the time to fabricate a new gas tank (I think everyone can see that this tank is way too big and not even closely the shape I want) and mount the rear turn signals sometime soon. After that I’m just going to find a smaller headlight and do something about the gauges (and of course the seat needs some padding).


Just one of those nights in the garage

en vanlig kväll i garaget 020Just one of those nights in the Piston Cult garage. Anders and I working on my tank and Casper searching for electrical fault on his Triumph.

en vanlig kväll i garaget 027

                                         More electrical stuff, Sheriffen helping Pata, with his rusty sportster.

en vanlig kväll i garaget 022

                                            And finally Elias welding an old Husky tank so the tunnel fits his Yamma

Just a fun night in our garage 🙂


New arrival: 1981 Suzuki GS450

D_0845Long time no write or something.
But spring is almost upon us (technically it’s just arrived but I think it’s still a bit cold at around 0 degrees Celsius).
And because of that the bike riding nerve is starting to itch! So I had a look at some ads for used bikes and found this “beauty”. Me and Smeden went to Grödinge and had a look at it and I was already kind of set on buying it but I didn’t know if it would start or run at all because it had been standing in this guys garage since 2007 and he didn’t know much about the condition of the bike. All we knew was that the battery was drained and the tank was dry so Smeden brought a battery from his Yamaha and we filled a jerrycan with gasoline. When we got there I just closed the deal and the guy was kind enough to let us use his garage while we installed the battery and filled the gas tank (as I mentioned it’s kind of cold outside). We were all a bit surprised but happy when there didn’t seem to be any electrical issues and the starter turned the engine over so we pushed the old Suzuki outside and tried to start it properly. After a few minutes of running the starter the battery was drained but we were still hopeful since the engine at least fired up a few times but didn’t have the spark to really start. We were at the top of a driveway so we decided to just try and push the thing and see if that would work better, and guess what! It did! The Suzuki coughed and hissed a few times and was really not in the mood to run but after warming up a bit it spun like a kitten 🙂
So instead of trying to cram it in to my old Volvo Duett I got to drive it home, which was the first time on a bike since I drove my T250 to the garage in the snow. Fun stuff!
DSC_0846Me and Smeden got itchy fingers at once when we got indoors again and wanted to see what the thing looked like without the windscreen and the box in the back so we spent half an hour removing stuff. Now it kind of looks like a bike again 🙂
Soon it will be modified to suit my needs and whims for this season so stay tuned to see what it turns out to be in the end. For being just a 1981 Suzuki GS450 it really has great torque and power, I was actually surprised that it was that powerful. It’s going to be a sweet ride for this summer! And it was a real bargain too, it only set me back SEK 5.000 (that’s about $750 for you American people). In Sweden that’s a steal, you can hardly get a bike for anything lower than that (especially not one that runs).

Until next time -=/Anders