Wheels Nat’s 2012 at Hågelbyparken

Today we went to Wheels Nat’s at Hågelbyparken near Hallunda south of Stockholm. It would seem that a few other people had the same idea, we had to sit in traffic for over an hour just to get to the parking lot from the freeway. There’s not much to say about the day other than it was very hot and only about ten bikes to look at.
But here’s a few pictures I snapped anyway.
I love this car! It’s an Austin Seven and it’s tiny 🙂
Casper and Smeden like to hug each other a little bit too long.
The coolest bike at Wheels Nat’s, an old Husqvarna twin. Beautiful!
John Mathisen’s beautiful Harley, garage built awesomeness!
The same Harley, the boys are discussing how Casper burned his hand on his Triumph engine.
Smeden And Casper are looking at womens clothing?

There weren’t that many cars that I really liked but if you’re in to old yankee doodle then there was a lot of original cars at the meet. This paint job was incredible though, glistering in the sun and deep as the ocean.

Over and out -=/Anders